MagEyes 360


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MagEyes POWER YOUR VISION ™ with a state -of-the-art open design, head mounted magnifier used by professionals, crafters, and hobbyists requiring vision enhancement for precision results. MagEyes may be worn with contacts or prescription glasses for dramatic vision clarity on any fine detail work.
MagEyes notable features are:

  • Optical quality binocular acrylic lenses for distortion free 3-D viewing
  • A feather-lite cushioned slip-on headband, no binding or pulling hair, fits most
    head sizes
  • Modern open design allows the user to look about, reach for a tool, talk to
    another, or watch tv without moving lens arm placement!
  • Open design allows for a full spectrum of light for your eyes providing
    maximum vision clarity while reducing eye fatigue
  • Lenses easily interchange using the patented slide-in, slide-out frame

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MagEyes Double Low, 1.6X and 2.0X – 120-180, MagEyes Double High, 2.25X and 2.75X – 120-181, MagEyes Replacement Lens #2.5 1.6X – 120-182, MagEyes Replacement Lens #4 2.0X – 120-183, MagEyes Replacement Lens #5 2.25X – 120-184, MagEyes Replacement Lens #7 2.75X – 120-185