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Introducing a better blade for surgeons and patients.

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Introducing a better blade for surgeons and patients.
For full body prep and surgical applications, Personna® Single Edge Surgical Prep Razor Blades are recognized as one of the sharpest, most reliable blades in the industry. Utilizing innovative technology, each blade is carefully ground and honed, ensuring the sharpest possible shaving blade. The cutting edges are also Comfort-Coated® for super smooth shaves.
Made of the highest quality stainless, Personna blades provide the user with the added advantages of sharpness and edge retention characteristics, as well as corrosion resistance.

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Persona Prep Blades Box of 50 – 74-0001, Persona Prep Blades Pkg of 250 – 74-0013, Feather-Cut Prep Blades 120 blades/box – 120-311


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