AuraGraft Changes FUE


AuraGraft Changes FUE

Key Facts:

  • Highest safety profile
  • Includes five fully disposable case packs
  • Three year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Seven patient payback


Other Info:


  • Disposable handpiece and punch
  • Gearing ratio clears tissue smoothly — no heat (patent pending design)
  • Ergonomic balance — no extra weight
  • Highest vacuum pressure
  • Portable — only 38 pounds
  • Minimal clean-up — saves 45 minutes of labor time
  • Touch screen with intuitive interface for ease of use

Training at No Additional Cost

  • Two programs included
  • Didactic to start
  • Three one-hour zoom meetings covering all aspects of FUE for doctors and staff, then free ongoing consultation
  • Clinical trainer for first case

Marketing at No Additional Cost

  • AEVA fast start program
  • 3 month marketing program included ($4,500 value)


  • 3 months included (cost $99/month)
  • Cloud storage
  • DermaScope included

Pro Patch Hair Supplement

  • TransDermal delivery for hair supplement
  • Includes 20 boxes of patches (90 patches/box)
  • Retail value $5,000


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