Hair Restoration

Harvesting of the Donor Area
Multiple Blade Scalpel Handles
Prone Pillow and Body Positioners
Oakworks Prone Pillow
FUE Hand Engine
FUE Punches, Versi-Handle
FUE Forceps
FUE Punch Adapter Collets
Haber Spreader™
* Haber Spreader™ Instructions

Dissection of the Donor Area
Backlighting and Sterile Dissecting Surfaces
Personna Plus Blades, Scalpel Blade Remover
Single Edge, Double Edge Prep Razor Blades

Formation of Recipient Sites
Sapphire Spear Point Knives
MIWDE Knives
Mini Blades, Nokor Needles
Adjust-A-Depth Scalpel Handle
Swann-Morton Blades
Cut-to-Size Blades, Handle
Solid Core Needles
Round Punches

Placement of Grafts
Lion Hair Transplanter
Forceps For Micro & Mini Grafting
Sure Grip Jewelers Forceps
Foerster Forceps
Protective Sterilization Cases
Slivering Instrumentation

Hair-Restoration Post-Op
Ultimate Hair Densitometer
GraftCyte™ Products
Miscellaneous Items

Meija Stereo Microscopes
New Meija Microscope

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